Projects Supported by Members

Quite often, the Club receives requests for small monetary contributions from institutions and individuals. Where the financial involvement is small, Club Members decide to contribute their own money. The following are examples of Members’ personal contributions:

  1. Contributed Nu. 75,000.00 for the Construction of kitchen and dormitory at Tenchog Goempa, Paro – as matching fund of SEK 10,000.00 received from the Rotary Club of Husverna, Sweden
  1. Contributed Nu. 121,000.00 during Nepal Earthquakes – as a people-to-people goodwill gesture
  1. Provided aid to a hearing impaired person
  1. Contributed Nu. 10,000.00 to Draktsho, Kanglung for purchase and delivery of Mugs, Plates and Spoon
  1. Contributed in the construction of a “Baago” (dwelling) for destitute Aum Bagem in Punakha
  1. Contributed Nu. 2,000.00 to Desuup patrolling during November 11, 2015
  1. Funded Bhutan’s Third National Bloggers’ Conference – Nu.25,000.00
  2. Members contributed Nu.60,000.00 to Langderbi School Summer Camp Project.
  3. Funding for a distribute nursing at Reldri Nursing Institute.