Solar Fencing at Open Air Prison , Dawakha

Part of 6 acres of vegetables farm that is now secured from wild life predation with solar fencing

Yet again another solar fencing project for our men in blue-this time at their open air prison at Dawakha under Paro district. The inmates at Dawakha are engaged in very normal and human activities such as gardening, weaving, knitting and on occasion jaunts to the nearby markets and town.
The Rotary Club of Thimphu cannot hope to change the unfair nature of human society but we can certainly try and make life a little less painful and a little more livable, for some. It is our hope that within the confines of the solar fencing that we provided to the inmates of the open-air prison, they will grow vegetables and other foods that will go on to contribute to rebuilding their lives and restore their dignity – lost through carelessness of being caught in the act. The project was inaugurated by our club president along with some of our proud members .The project was handed over officially to Superintendent of police of Chamgang jail as on 3rd Feb.2019.